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Simulation contributions of frequency convertors applied for AC motor in electric propulsion

The advantage of a simulation is the level of detail that can be obtained from it. A simulation yields results that are not experimentally measurable with our current level of technology. Most of the time, simulation testing is cheaper and faster than performing multiple tests of the real design. Designing and testing is becoming much easier with development of simulation tools. The pretesting while the model is still under construction can eliminate the different oversights that can be made. Three of the most commonly used types of converters used as motor drives for AC motors in electric propulsion are presented in this paper: cyclo-converters, PWM converters and synchro-converters. Modelling the frequency convertors in simulation software, it is possible to define which converter is suitable for a given power system.


Maja Krčum    
University of Split, Faculty of Maritime Studies, Zrinsko –Frankopanska 38, Split

Višnja Troskot    
University of Split, University Department of Professional Studies

Vjekoslav Zrno    
University of Split


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