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Strategic Priorities for Consumer Co-operatives’ Development in the Republic of Moldova

The consumer co-operatives from the Republic Moldova represent a significant sector of socio-economic system of the country. The recent evolution of the co-operative system confirms that it has not yet become stable and durable state, and it is easily influenced by internal and external factors. Nowadays challenges and the internal need for change require rethinking the co-operatives’ organization and management, their domains of economic activity, their relationship with members, ownership relations and the motivational system. By signing the Republic of Moldova–European Union Association Agreement, Moldova has expressed its adherence to the European values and focuses toward its integration into the European Economic Area. This requires the adoption of new visions in the co-operatives development and in the implementation of European co-operatives’ good practices. This paper is focused on the analysis of the consumer co-operatives from the Republic of Moldova, identifying the strategic directions for sustainable development and strengthening the position on the domestic and foreign market. The main objectives of co-operatives' development are: consolidation of members’ community, improving management and organizational structure, diversification and modernization of co-operative activities, assuring financial stability, resource efficiency, human capital development, increasing the competitiveness on internal and foreign market, and strengthening the relationships with foreign partners. The research results were used in the elaboration of the Strategy of Consumer Co-operatives’ Development for 2016-2019. The Strategy was approved by the co-operatives’ Congress (February 12, 2016). The implementation of innovative and strategic solutions would boost the development of the consumer co-operatives in Moldova.


Larisa SAVGA    
Trade Co-operative University of Moldova

Viorica Sitnicenco    
Trade Co-operative University of Moldova

Ghenadie Savga    
Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova


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