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Design and Manufacturing of Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle Propulsion Unit

The aim of this paper is to describe the process of designing and manufacturing the propulsion unit for an underwater remotely operated vehicle. The basis for the development of the propulsion unit is the previously designed remotely operated vehicle model and the use for which the submersible was designed; that is recording and documentation of all objects which are under water, with the possibility of greater autonomy and depth opposed to diver capability. Through the design stage of this project, all aspects relevant to the proper functioning of the propulsion system were reviewed, and basic calculations were carried out. The paper also describes constructive solutions in design such as the use of magnetic coupling for torque transmission. Particular emphasis is placed on the application of newer technologies such as CAD/CAM software, 3D printing and the use of CNC machining in the manufacturing process. In the end the propulsion unit was manufactured, and the testing procedure was described as a part of this report.


Ante Čorić    
Plovput d.o.o. Croatian Maritime Safety and Lighthouse Authority

Slaven Šitić    
University of Split, University Department of Professional Studies


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