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General public and investment strategies

General public sector in Croatia has various possibilities for the choice of investment strategies. Due to lack of financial literacy, tradition or lack of trust in financial institutions, it seams that Croatian citizens do not use all the possibilities that they have in terms of diversification of their personal portfolio. As in most transitional countries in Croatia, there is the problem of financial literacy of the general public. The financial literacy of the general public is becoming increasingly important due to dynamic and complexity of the financial system, especially if we take in consideration that financial decision usually have long term implications on the financial situation of the individuals. Aim of this paper is to investigate how and where Croatian citizens invest their money and also to investigate performances of investment instruments available to Croatian citizens. The governing of personal finances in Croatia is process in which the citizens are left on their one, meaning that they are not equipped with sufficient skills and knowledge necessary for efficient governing. Based on foundings conclusions will be provided with recommendations.


Domagoja Buljan Barbača    
Department of professional studies, University of Split

Mateo Erak    
Areta d. o. o.

Blanka Jolić    


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