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Social CRM as a platform for digital transformation

New era of digital economy brings more challenges for traditional business models. Even companies that are highly computerized and using ICT technology in sales, procurement and production processes have challenges with the digital transformation of the business. As the digital transformation of the business models is inevitable, happens very quickly and once it happens is irreversible, we are witnessing that companies that do not change their business models are becoming uncompetitive. The acceptance and use of new technologies at all levels of the company, from management to operational, are becoming imperative in securing competitive market position.
Studies and surveys show that companies are aware of digital transformation need, but also show that the changes are complex and take place slowly.
Key processes to the digital transformation are: the business model, operational processes and the user experience. It is the user's experience in terms of knowledge of users, establishing direct communication with users and offering customized service, crucial in moving the company towards the digital economy, and social CRM implementation is the key to achieving higher levels of digital maturity of the company.


Marta Alić    
Polytechnic of Zagreb

Marinko Žagar    
Polytechnic of Zagreb


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