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Application of space management principles in sales practice

Space management is the part of category management focused on the category management of products as units with clearly defined goals. The goal is to implement and establish structured processes for product category management within the company's strategy.
Stores with a modern business concept strive to adapt their retail space to customers' needs in order to make it as functional as possible. The right product positioning within a store guarantees better business results and allows the customer to navigate the retail space more easily.
In practice, space management is primarily implemented by defining the product range, retail space appearance, shelf layout within the store, and the placement of products on the shelves in order to draw customers' attention. The very manner in which products are placed can strongly impact the buying decision process. If merchants want to achieve their goals, they need to ensure that the strategy for a specific category of products is efficiently implemented. This implies certain tactical decisions regarding the positioning of a product category on the shelf, additional displays, promotional pricing, etc.
This paper provides an analysis of research conducted in various stores in order to determine the extent to which the principles of space management are implemented in practice.


Sandra Mrvica Mađarac    
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Slađana Brajević    
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