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The implications of climate change on seasonal business in coastal tourism destinations

Authors agree that tourist demands are sensitive to climate changes. It is anticipated that the temperature increase will cause spatial and temporal redistribution of tourist demand. Climate change will change the standardized image of seasonal business in coastal tourism and will make popular summer destinations less attractive. It is expected that stable weather conditions in areas with favourable climate will affect the development of domestic tourism, which will reduce the need for vacationing abroad. Furthermore, it is expected that climate change will differ in intensity between regions. These implications of climate change will clearly project changes in the established image of tourist activities. Coastal destinations with established summer season and seasonal business will be directly affected. Because of these implications of climate change, planning in tourism will not be conceivable without heeding the changes in climate, especially in costal tourism areas, which are under the greatest threat of climate change. This will lead to new relationships on the competitive tourist market.


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