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The Concept of Economic Efficiency Gains in Assessing the Mergers in the Financial Market

Mergers in the financial market may create premises to increase the efficiency in the sector by improving the quality of the products and services provided, thus reducing production and distribution costs, ensuring risk diversification and improving the quality of management. As a result of efficiency gains, the main beneficiaries are the final consumers. In assessing the merger, a great deal of attention is given to the features of economic efficiency as a result of corporate restructuring, because they can be used as arguments in favor of diminishing the anticompetitive effects on consumers caused by the merger. In this paper, we intend to analyze the concept of economic efficiency in assessing the mergers in the financial market, the methods used to evaluate the economic efficiency gains by the competition authorities, the results of empirical research, and the international practice in this field.


Natalia Bejenar    
Trade Co-operative University of Moldova

Elena Fuior    
Trade Co-operative University of Moldova

Ion Maxim    
Competition Council


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