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Organising lectures and exercises in Basic programming class using Python as new programming language

The choice of programming language to be used for education is the most difficult task teachers often encounter. In real-world projects, the technology stack is often dictated by project specifications and requirements. On the other hand, the technology stack in education must be adapted to student background. Due to the diversity of the requirements, there is no ideal technology, so the choice must be a compromise. This article outlines the methods used to organise exercises and lectures in the Basic Programming class. As of year 2015/16 the programming language Python is being used as the introductory language to programming at the University Department of Professional Studies. Python is an open-source language that emphasizes semantics and logic over syntax. Since the Basic programming class teaches programming logic, Python is a good fit. Students are eased into the techniques of problem solving through mathematical and real-world modelled exercises. Spyder is used as an open-source Integrated development environment.


Marina Rodić    
Sveučilišni odjel za stručne studije, Sveučilište u Splitu

Toma Rončević    
Sveučilišni odjel za stručne studije, Sveučilište u Splitu


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