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New products and services in tourism based on new tecnologies

In the world of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) 2020 is considered a milestone because it is expected commercialization 5G mobile networks and the telecommunications operators in the coming period urgent need to change the entire approach to business and business philosophy and user access. In addition, a number of new concepts and systems based on these new technologies, will become a reality and the present and the future in our daily lives. It is defined and the notion that it all together - Vision 2020. In tourism there is no precisely defined concept of "Vision 2020" but there are a number of analysis and professional and scientific papers in which they analyzed the expectations to 2020 and the period after 2020. This paper will analyze the requirements for harmonizing and adapting the approach to tourism and Vision 2020 in ICT and will be analyzed potentials and give suggestions for the development of new integrated services in tourism. It will be analyzed common interests of economic sectors of ICT, construction and tourism course in order to carry out the implementation of the "Vision 2020" and the creation of services in tourist facilities and tourism in the Republic of Croatia based on new technologies. It will be given to the proposal in principle of standardization and categorization of tourist facilities due to the proposed new services based on new technologies which would be awarded in tourism added value for tourism facilities that are equipped and offering services based on new technologies.


Igor Jurčić    
HT d.d. Mostar (telecom operator)
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Daniela Jurčić    
Faculty of Philosphy
Bosnia and Herzegovina


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