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Developing teaching material for a Business English class

Although there is a wealth of published materials available, the business English teaching community stills faces a need to develop its own course materials to suit the particular needs of students. In addition, in a fast-changing environment it is of paramount importance that the material used in the classroom is authentic and up-to-date. It maximizes students’ exposure to a rich variety of language use and enables them to develop communicative competence. It is also important that students are engaged affectively and cognitively in the language experience. The material used in a Business English classroom should be driven not only by teaching but also by learning principles. Business English teachers at Higher Education Institutions in Croatia often develop their own materials in addition to using off-the-shelf coursebooks. This paper will show how much Business English is taught at Universities in Croatia and whether - and who for - Business English teachers write their own materials.


Gorana Duplančić Rogošić    
University of Split, Faculty of Economics


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