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Marketing and sustainable development: theoretical consideration and implications on the case study of JGL d.d. (Jadran Galenski Laboratorij)

Environmental and social problems still remain one of the main interests of theoreticians and practitioners. Air pollution, the greenhouse effect, ecological and social imbalance warn of the need for changes. Regarding this, significant effort is taken in order for progress to be achieved. Efforts in making business more sustainable will confront companies with both opportunities and threats. Companies need to be synchronized and develop a sustainability agenda to catch sight of and react to all challenges in implementing sustainable practices. Marketing as a discipline includes a broad theoretical and practical knowledge and has always been in line with socio-economic development, so this area is not an exception. Sustainability is becoming a growing issue in the current marketing theory and practice, so it is important for marketers to break their traditional frame of reference and reconsider their existing marketing policies. This paper provides a theoretical view of sustainable development from the marketing perspective and outlines concrete implications for creating sustainable marketing practices. Furthermore, as a positive example of managing sustainable marketing practices, the case of a Croatian company - Jadran Galenski Laboratorij - is elaborated, and potential directions for further research are discussed.


Katja Rakušić Cvrtak    
The University Department of Professional Studies, University of Split, Split

Danijela Perkušić Malkoč    
The University Department of Professional Studies, University of Split, Split

Zoran Mihanović    
Faculty of Economics, University of Split, Split, Croatia


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