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Better Intercultural Communication in Metacognitive Awareness: an Explorative Study

This paper explores students’ responsible language learning and better intercultural communication in the process of metacognitive awareness. Cultural knowledge ought to be the students’ basic motivation to study foreign languages. Environmental requirements, wishes, problems and their solutions are different from those of the 20th century. A metacognitive approach has led to new expectations in foreign language learning concerning professional qualifications, communication and mastering one’s life situations.
The metacognitive approach in learning is challenging and holistic: learning a foreign language is both a personal and social process. Language skills are the basic idea for our human coexistence. New goals and demands are set and we as learners are responsible for our intellectual progress. There is a paradigm shift in the didactic of foreign language learning. In modern foreign language learning, the dialogue between the learner’s culture and the culture of the goal language is taken into consideration in the metacognitive approach.
Globalisation has had its own influence on foreign teaching and learning and this is important to those who will go on making international contacts and be active in intercultural learning. Intercultural communication professionals need many skills and practises, such as interactivity, oral presentation skills, multicultural group communication and cultural competence while acting in professions requiring effective language communication. Achieving this skill set will better prepare the learners to meet their responsibilities in modern multicultural environment. Explorative foreign language studying is a current and natural method to achieve the required readiness to use the linguistic abilities in language-learning environment.


Pirjo Takanen-Körperich    
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Hely Westerholm    
DACUM Finland


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