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Green Metal Structures

The development of modern metal structures, which are an integral part of modern, ever more demanding building structures, is based on so-called “green technology”. The world trend is to select suitable materials for modern building structures that have a bearing on energy efficiency, while simultaneously contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment. All of the aforementioned is economically justifiable. Modern building structures in certain buildings involve the 100% use of external envelopes. This paper presents the significant impact that metal structures have as the fundamental support of modern building structures. The procedure of forming metal structures is shown using static calculation, that is, the selection of materials and the most favorable geometric features or profiles. In addition to steel as the basic material of metal structures, this paper pays special attention to the benefits of aluminum. As metal structure profiles must also frequently satisfy the aesthetics and appearance set by the main architects of buildings, aluminum as a material is particularly favorable. This paper also presents the great impact that metal structure profiles have on building structure. Various materials and profiles have different thermal properties. In the final section of the paper, all of the above is shown using a concrete example, from static calculation to the selection of materials and profiles for metal structures. In particular, the impact of different types of materials and profiles on building structure is shown. The results presented demonstrate energy efficiency and economic feasibility. The specialized programs Schuco Statik and SchuCal + were used, as well as the laboratory test results of authorized institutions.


Vladimir Vetma    
Vetma d.o.o. Solin

Ado Matoković    
Sveučilišni odjel za stručne studije - Sveučilište u Splitu


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