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Teaching sustainability in mathematics

The main aim of this paper is to show how to incorporate sustainability into a Mathematics courses curriculum. Sustainability issues are inherently interdisciplinary. There are ample opportunities for introducing sustainability examples in math courses, from algebra and geometry to calculus and statistics. Teaching environmental sustainability to the large undergraduate math courses, as they are at the Department of Professional Studies of the University of Split, will have the greatest reach, due to their size. We suggest ways in which university mathematics teachers can provide a quality learning experience for their students that includes notions of sustainability within the mathematical context, without compromising the mathematical content of their courses. As an additional learning outcome, we can expect embedding the importance of these matters into the minds of the students and raising their environmental awareness.


Nada Roguljić    
University Department of Professional Studies, Split

Arijana Burazin Mišura    
University Department of Professional Studies, Split

Jelena Krčum    
Nautical High School Split


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