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Investments and venture capital as an option to development and innovation in the consum cooperative entreprises from the Republic of Moldova

Currently, the success of ensuring economic growth firms in the consumer cooperatives of Moldova is totally dependent upon the technical modernization and restructuring potential, which is bounded by increasing funding opportunities and investment projects that can be performed through investment and venture capital. The use of venture capital investment requires the preparation and implementation of investment policies related to investment potential, which allows selecting the optimal financing, taking into account the cost effectiveness and risk. Financing investments is a significant step in the investment process, in which financial resources are embedded in the investment budget and can be used to achieve the project following the investment decision. Efficiency investment process is influenced by the amount and quality of resources and the size of the output of enterprises. But in terms of economic instability, namely the opportunity of undertaking investment policy depend potential enterprise level providing technical, structural reorganization possibilities. Based on this reason, venture capital investments impose to elaborate, to develop and implement an investment policy related to the enterprises investment potential and economic growth. One of the innovative ways in RM and an important external source of financing investments other than bank financing is venture capital.


Tatiana Sanduta    

Veronica Mirzac    

Natalia Chibercea-Pazurati    


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