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Design of marine lightweight equipment

The paper gives analysis of the possible consequences for manufacturers of marine equipment of IMO resolution MEPC.203(62) which is for most new ships mandatory to obtain EEDI certificate ( "Energy Efficiency Design Index" ). More energy efficient equipment with lower weight will be required of marine equipment manufacturers. According to different criteria the most common plants of marine equipment were compared, and because of higher energy efficiency a wider use of regulated electric drives is predicted. The need for weight reduction of the equipment will require more complex technical calculations, optimization methods, as well as more demanding manufacturing technologies. The paper points to possible problems that the marine equipment manufacturers will face in the future. Increased investment costs of "light equipment" will be compensated with lower exploitation costs.


Ivo Jerčić    
Sveučilište u Splitu, Odjel za stručne studije

Marko Bilandžić    
Adria Winch d.o.o.


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